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East Ridge Dog Park

The East Ridge Dog Park

The East Ridge Dog park was opened in 2022, we are so excited to have this resource available to our community!

Let your pups test out our agility course, and  run around with their friends, while you just sit back and relax on one of the park benches! 

We are so glad to be able to provide a place for our doggie friends to play as well as  get refreshed after they play. We have placed a water fountain that's just the right height in both the small dog area and the big dog area! 

1515 Tombras Ave, East Ridge, TN 37412. located right beside the East Ridge Community Center and Directly behind City Hall.

Please be sure to respect the dog park rules so that we can keep this area safe for our friends to have fun! 

Donation pantry

This is a free public resource to bring donations, and also to pick up supplies. Please only take what is needed, and be respectful when donating.