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Park Rules

City of East Ridge General Park Rules

  • The Parks and Recreation Director has the authority to close, restrict opening times or prohibit recreational use by the public at any city owned/ or maintained park if it is necessary to protect the health or safety of the public or the safety of the park area or its facilities.
  • Law enforcement officers have the authority to remove any person for violation of park rules.
  • Proof of permit is always required and can be requested at any time by law enforcement and park staff. You shall not disturb or interfere unreasonably with any person or party occupying or participating in any park under the authority of a permit.
  • Alcohol of any kind is not permitted on City property unless special permits and authorization have been pulled by The City of East Ridge, this includes Camp Jordan Park, East Ridge Community Center, The Pioneer Frontier Park and the Splashpad. 

The following items/ activities are prohibited at East Ridge Parks:

  • Smoking or tobacco products of any kind outside of designated areas.
  • Skateboards, roller blades, scooters, drones, remote control airplanes, boats, cars, and model rockets.
  • Hitting or kicking balls against buildings, cars, or fences.
  • Climbing buildings, trees, or fences.
  • Use of stakes on playing surfaces for pop-up nets, tents, or canopies.
  • Illegal substances of any kind.
  • Glass bottles or containers.
  • Unleashed pets and animals
  • Any item/ substance that may damage, stain, or permanently alter facilities, structures or playing surfaces.
  • Physically or verbally abusing or addressing a game official, competitor, spectator, or staff in a disrespectful manner.
  • Use of vulgar language of any kind.
  • Actions that endanger game officials, competitors, spectators, or staff.
  • Inappropriate gestures.
  • Intoxication
  • Vandalism
  • Failure to comply with site specific rules.



No fires are allowed in any City of East Ridge Park except:


Do not leave any fire unattended. Every fire user must completely extinguish the fire before leaving the park in accordance with regulations detailed at


Hunting, Fireworks and Weapons

East Ridge Park users may NOT:

  • Hunt, pursue, trap, kill or injure any bird or animal in any East Ridge Park.
  • Possess any wild animal, bird or reptile or the eggs or nest of any bird, fish, or reptile in any East Ridge Park.
  • Discharge, for any reason, any firearm, pellet gun, bow and arrow, slingshot, or other weapon, except for a law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity.
  • Possess or use fireworks or other explosives.


Special fireworks permit in accordance with state law required, and only acquired through the Parks and Recreation Director.


Motor Vehicles

  • Do not exceed posted speed limits.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the walking path.
  • Do not leave any vehicles parked after hours or overnight.


Waste Disposal

  • All waste must be disposed of properly in a receptacle.
  • No Dumping is allowed.


Park Property

Respect for park property is paramount.

  • No mutilation, damage, removal, relocation, or defacing of any park assets is allowed.
  • No digging, defacing, blasting or removal of any stone, dirt, rock, or other material is allowed.
  • No tree or shrub planting is allowed without permission.
  • Outside of designated areas, no temporary signs, markers, or inscriptions are allowed in East Ridge parks without permission from the Director.
  • No PA systems are allowed in East Ridge parks without Permission from the Director.
  • No pollution of any water, soil or any park areas is allowed.
  • Threatening, abusive language or gestures, public disturbances, rioting, or panhandling are not tolerated.
  • Noise-producing machines, vehicles, devices, or instruments used in a way that disturbs park area visitors are not allowed.
  • Do not pick, cut, remove, or mutilate any flowers, shrubs, foliage, trees, plant life, or products of any type.


  • No horses are allowed in East Ridge parks unless permitted by the park director.
  • Dogs, cats, and other animals must be kept on a leash all times.
  • No animals besides service animals as defined by the ADA are allowed in any Parks and Recreation buildings unless otherwise permitted by the director.
  • You must always keep control of your pet. Pets are not allowed to annoy, irritate, bark continuously, attack or injure any person or animal in a park.
  • Do not leave pets tied up or unattended.
  • You must clean up after your pet. Place pet waste in a bag or container and dispose of it in a designated waste receptacle.


Enforcement and Penalties

The Parks and Recreation staff have the authority to ensure East Ridge Parks and Recreation rules are enforced. Law Enforcement may enforce violators through means including but not limited to issuance of citations and expulsion from park property.