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Pioneer Frontier

The Pioneer Frontier Playground was created in the early 1990s by a group made up of parent volunteers and East Ridge Citizens, who helped to build the facility on Tombras Avenue.  

The fun park that is enjoyed by many daily has a paved track, picnic tables, restroom facilities and a Gazebo for parties.

If the sun is shining the park is busy with those playing and enjoying this facility.

The park is well lighted and there are security cameras placed in the area.

The Pioneer Frontier committee raised money and helped to take care of repairs for almost 15 years before the city took over.

Special thanks goes out to all of those who put their heartfelt efforts into making Pioneer Frontier a place for fun and recreation.

Please help East Ridge Parks and Recreation to help keep Pioneer a clean safe place for the whole family. Report any problems to the East Ridge Police or the Community Center Supervisor Shawnna Skiles.