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Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer Schedule

Here is the - Indoor soccer schedule for 2021-2022

Adult Indoor Sign-up link

Use this link to sign up for the Winter Indoor Soccer League

2021 Winter Indoor Soccer

East Ridge INDOOR SOCCER Registration Information:

From December 4th to February 27th ERFC will offer an indoor soccer program at the Camp Jordan Arena. The indoor program is designed to provide a fast-paced and challenging experience that is fun for the players and enormously entertaining for spectators. Indoor soccer is played 7 days a week.  Our Indoor League does not offer practice space for teams in the Arena.


To allow for the most competitive level of play possible we will divide teams into up to three divisions based on the number of teams in each age group. D3 is solely recreational teams compiled by our staff from individual registrants or from our outdoor rec programs. D1 and D2 will be made of a combination of School and Competitive teams that register as a group, and will be placed in their respective divisions based on our staff’s knowledge of teams’ competition level, registration status of the team in their other competitions, and lastly on requests from coaches. Our staff reserves the right to change Division placements at our discretion. 



u6-u10 play on the small court.

u12 + play on the large court.


Age groups:

U6: 5v5 with no-goalie

U8: 5v5 including goalie

U10: 4v4 including goalie

U12: 7v7 including goalie

U14-u19: 6v6 including goalie


Player Registration Fees:

U6 -$75.00

U8-u19 $90.00

Adults - $90.00



  • League supplies a moisture wicking shirt w/number for the game jersey for all players.
  • All players will need shin guards and indoor soccer shoes or tennis shoes. Cleats are not allowed.
  • Shin guards must always be worn during practice or games.
  • No outside soccer balls.  We supply all soccer balls you will need inside the arena.


Games are played Monday-Sunday weekly. 

Mon-Thur. 5:45-9:30pm

Fri. 5:45-10:30pm

Sat. 8am-10pm

Sun. 1-pm-8pm


Family discounts given after 3rd and 4th player.

Teams may have 1 or 2 games a week.  Each team plays a minimum of 9 games for the season.

We play on Sundays and Wednesday.  PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF THIS.

Closed Holidays, Dec. 24th-27th.  Dec. 31-Jan1st.

Rec players registration link:

Coach and Team Registration:

Coaches planning on bringing in a team must submit their team by emailing the roster to Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Shawnna Skiles at  by Nov. 22nd.  All players must be registered to the team by Nov. 30th.

1. Register yourself as a Coach. 


2. Complete the background check:


 Club:  East Ridge Futbol Club


(Steps 3-5 may have already been done with another team. Please forward info to Shawnna.)


3. Heads Up concussion training certification


4. Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement form:


5. Safe Sports training Certification


6. Have players register to the team under the coaches’ name (Link below)



Team’s will not be accepted if the coach has not submitted all the information detailed above.

2022 U14 Rec Runner-ups

2022 U10 Boys Rec Gold Div. Champs

2022 U10 Boys Rec Gold Div. Champs

2022 Girls Silver Bracket Champs

2022 U12 Boys Gold Bracket Champs

Avery Gallam

Avery Gallam

Athletics Coordinator

Phone: 423-710-6100

Shawnna  Skiles

Shawnna Skiles

Assistant Director

Phone: 423-260-9190