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Fall 2018 soccer info

Fall schedule click here



Coaches, when you have practice please make sure to keep all kids off the goals and all goals must be sand bagged.  Even if you are only using one of the goals they both must be sand bagged always.  When you are through with practice please put the goals back together and move the sand bags back to the light poll.

Coaches if you have the last game of the day please help us put the goals back together and move them off the field please. 

Fall Rec Soccer 2018

Player will need shin guards and cleats, shin guards must be worn at all times during practice or for games.





Includes uniform-jersey, shorts, and socks

 Each player will need a soccer ball.
Here are the sizes each age group will need
Under 4-Under 8  Size 3
Under 10-Under 12 Size 4
Under 14-Under 19 Size 5

Fall 2018 Soccer Information    


Season Start Date: Sept. 8th

Season Ends: Oct. 27th or Nov. 3rd (weather permitting)

Practices may begin: Aug. 20th


FREE coach and player CAMP Aug. 27th. At 6pm Camp Jordan fields

 AGES U6-U16 PLAYERS & Coaches meeting

All coaches will need to be at the Camp. 

U4/6 Coaches meeting Aug. 20th 6pm Upstairs above the main concession stand

U8/10 Coaches meeting Aug 20th 7pm Upstairs above the main concession stand

U12/14/16/19 Coaches meeting Aug 21st 6pm Upstairs above the main concession stand

9 games will be played on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays. (U12 & up will play on Sundays) U12-U19   play in an area league schedule with other parks around the area. There will be 1 or 2 practices per week Tuesday-Friday after 5:30.                                                                                            

Free foot skills sessions will be on Mondays starting at 6:00 pm for U6, 6:30 for U8, and 7:15 for U10/u12

 BY UTC PLAYERS.Free Goal keeper training will be on Mondays starting at 6pm for u8/u10 and 7pm for u12and above.

Footskill/Goalkeeper days


Sept. 10th

Oct. 1st

Sept. 17th

Oct. 8th

Sept. 24th

Oct. 22nd

 Here are the open dates we have for the season we will use these dates to schedule games on at Camp Jordan.

Game Saturday  dates

Tuesday dates

Thursday Dates

May use Fridays for Make-up games

September 8th

Sept 11th

Oct. 4th


September 15th

Sept. 18th

Oct. 11th

Sept. 28th

September 29th Fall Festival at Redoubt for u8/u10/u12-u4/6 will have games at Camp Jordan

Sept. 25th

Oct. 18th

Oct. 5th

October 6th

Oct. 2nd

Oct. 25th

Oct. 19th

October 13th-u4/u6 only games

Oct. 9th


Oct 26th

October 20th

Oct. 16th



October 27th

Oct. 23rd



Nov. 3rd   end of season cookout

Oct. 25th