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For Rec Basketball we are asking parents to please drop players off for practice then wait outside please.  For game days we are only allowing 2 people in the gym per player.

With Exec. order 70 we are now following the TN Pledge for all guidelines for indoor play.

Teams-please do not arrive at the gym more then 10 minutes before your game time please.  We will only allow coaches and players in the gym to warm up.  Then once the gym is cleared we will allow parents into the games.


For a season schedule please use this link.


  • Due to COVID-19 and the safety guidelines for youth sports put together by ERPR, our Winter Youth Basketball league will look a little different this year. The following guidelines will be followed (pending any changes before the season starts) for our league to run. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines, this league may see changes or updates throughout the season. We will communicate any and all updates through email to all participants as soon as we can.               

                                  REGISTRATION TAKES PLACE ONLINE ONLY

                                                  COACHES ARE NEEDED

Volunteer coaches introduce participants to the fundamentals of playing basketball through practices and weekend games. The league emphasizes proper techniques, knowledge of the rules, team strategy, participation and fun!

ERPR relies on volunteer coaches and every team must have a coach. Anyone interested in coaching should email Shawnna Skiles @ . Also, you will need to complete a background check at the following link (click here). If you have not had a background check in the year 2020 yet one must be completed.

Registration Period: Oct. 26th - Nov. 23rd – All player registrations / sign-ups will be online Closed

Registration Deadline: Nov. 23rd (we will take late sign-ups if we have open spots.)

Registration Fee: $65.00 per player. Fee covers player’s game jersey and shorts.

Age Groups: 5/6 Co-Ed, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12 and 13/15 Boys as well as 7/8, 9/10 and 11/13 Girls 

Age Control Date: Age Prior To September 1st, 2020

Important Dates: Jamboree Dec. 5th & 12th, 2020 (optional); Regular Season Jan. 2nd - Feb. 2021; 

Games: Saturdays and Sundays 

Teams: Teams will be limited in size across all grade levels. No more than 10 players per team.

Team benches will be extended along the entire sidelines to promote social distancing.

Masks: Coaches and spectators will always be required to wear a mask inside the gym. All players must wear a mask into the gym; however, once practice or games start, the mask may be removed.

Practices: Teams will have at least one practice time in the East Ridge Gym per week.

Temperature Check: All players, coaches and spectators will have their temperatures checked before entry into the ER Gym. If the temperature is above 100.3 degrees, the person will not be allowed to enter the building. 

Gates Admission: Admission is $4.00 per person. Senior Citizens & Students are $2.00 and 12 and Under is Free. Admission Fees are collected at each gym you travel to on Saturday and Sunday.

Uniforms: Each player will receive a reversible game jersey and game shorts.

League Info: Teams are drafted in late November and practices will begin soon thereafter. The season starts with a jamboree on Dec. 5th and 12th. The jamboree is optional. The Regular Season will start Jan. 2nd and run through Feb. 22nd. The Post-Season Tournament will begin after the regular season ends. We play in the Scenic City Basketball League. The league has member teams from various parks from around the Tennessee Valley. We will play at various locations.

***Players that play on a middle school/high school team are not allowed to play on any of the rec basketball teams. They may only play on a Division 1 or Division 2 Team.



Scenic City Competitive Basketball program at East Ridge Parks and Rec

East Ridge Parks and Rec * bring your team and play through us*

Scenic City Competitive Basketball program Closed  to sign up your team

Details: Price per team $150.00 *you get one practice time per week at our gym*

Ages: Boys 5/6, 7/8 9/10 11/12 and 13/15

           Girls 7/8, 9/10 11/13

Team or players age is Pryor to Sept. 1, 2020

Teams supply their own uniforms.

Div. 1 ** Competitive AAU teams

Div. 2 ** Competitive-but for teams lower seeded wanting to stay together.

Games days: Saturday and Sundays

Season: Jamboree Dec. 5th and 12th (all teams must play in)

League play Jan. 2nd-Feb. 20th w/end of season tournament.

Covid Policy’s will be put into place for all gyms that each team plays at on a weekend.

All coaches must also have a background check.

Admission is charged at each gym: 4.00 per person, seniors 2.00 -12 under free.


Scenic City 2021 Gold Boys 11/12 Champions

Scenic City 2021 Silver Boys Champions

For questions please call:

Avery Gallam

Avery Gallam

Athletics Coordinator

Phone: 423-710-6100

Shawnna  Skiles

Shawnna Skiles

Community Center Supervisor/Athletic Supervisor

Phone: 423-260-9190