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Camp Jordan Arena

Camp Jordan Arena is a 34,000 square foot facility with 27,000 square feet of exhibition space. 

The Camp Jordan Arena is climate-controlled, and can provide seating for more than 5,000 people.

The Arena was built at I-75, Exit 1 in Camp Jordan Park 1993.

From late November to the end of February of each year the Arena is home to over 1,500 participants in our indoor soccer league with participants ranging in age from 3 - 60. 

The Arena is a popular home for the shrine circus, four annual gun shows, a halloween extravaganza, coin shows, a home school curriculum fair, MMA fight nights, expo's, Hamilton County master garden show, car shows and much more.


The area has more than 1,000 parking spaces available for most events and an overflow lot that serves as an RV facility for RV rallies. 

Cost to rent the arena is:
$1,500 per day - for profit groups
$1,200 per day - non-profit groups

A reasonable set up time is included at no charge - after 3:30 pm a $50 per hour set up is charged.

Tables and chairs can be rented at reasonable rates and the Arena has a $400 clean-up fee.

Click the link below for equipment rental rates.

For further information or to book an event contact:

Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson

Parks and Recreation Director

Phone: 423-551-0538

Alex Harrison

Alex Harrison

Athletic and Facilities Administrator

Phone: 4234862034

Charlie Ritchey

Charlie Ritchey

Recreation Superintendent

Phone: 423-605-5317